Chagall in School

(6 MEN, 2 WOMEN)

In 1920, after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Marc Chagall is asked to head a school for artists He brings together other noted artists of the time as he hopes to realize his dream of a free school for anyone who wishes to explore their artistic aspirations.

Chagall’s goals are complicated by the clash of personalities and artistic differences of the various artists who have their own ideas about what they should teach and how Chagall should run the school.

“Fascinating…Not just an entertaining show, but a strikingly courageous work.”

-Chicago Tribune

“Filled with unexpected, sometimes off-the-wall humor, as well as intelligent, enticing arguments about the nature of art and creativity.”

-Chicago Theatre Reviews

“A perfect evening of theater, art, laughter, and education.”

-Around the Town Chicago