Half and Half

(1 MAN, 2 WOMEN)
ACT ONE: 1971. At the breakfast table, the husband reads the paper. The wife makes the eggs. ACT TWO: 2006. At the breakfast table one generation later, the wife is online. The husband prepares the frittata. With his unique style, James Sherman explores how the roles of men and women have (and haven't) changed.


"A smart telling comedy about married life...Filled with wit and biting humor.."

— ChicagoCritic.com

"His comic dialogue is sharp and his investigation of marital malaise should send a shock of recognition through many spectators."

— Copley News Service

"With his usual deft, comic touch, Sherman parallels two stories which take place in the same kitchen, years apart. Delicious moments fill the plays."

— Pioneer Press

woman pouring coffee for husband in 70s-style kitchen
man preparing breakfast while wife speaks on phone in present-day kitchen