Jacob and Jack

(3 MEN, 3 WOMEN)

Jack Shore, a well-known actor, is in a dressing room preparing to perform in a tribute to his grandfather, Jacob Shemerinsky, late star of the Yiddish Theatre. In adjacent dressing rooms, his wife and a young actress also prepare. They get into costume and make-up and are transformed 75 years into the past. All of the actors play their past and present roles in a dazzling display of life in the theatre.

"A classic marital farce ingeniously complicated by historical layering and virtuosic dual role-playing. And a beguiling love letter to the American theater. All this, plus a whole lot of laugh-out-loud escapades."

- Chicago Sun-Times

"JACOB AND JACK is a comedy transcending time. The humor is beautifully showcased in the similarities and differences between past and present theatre. It's witty with a shmeer of the absurd... A comedic shtick with hilarious results."

- Chicago Now Service

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