Magic Time

(5 MEN, 3 WOMEN)

MAGIC TIME is the perfect play for a young ensemble of actors who can handle contemporary comedy and Shakespeare. Inspired by the early days of the Steppenwolf Theatre, MAGIC TIME shows a troupe of actors in a makeshift dressing room fueled by dedication and youthful enthusiasm. Their backstage relationships cleverly mirror the onstage ones as they prepare to give a performance of Hamlet.

"There is an artful innocence in MAGIC TIME. It is also delightful."

- N.Y. Times

"A captivating backstage comedy. It is entirely winning."

- N.Y. Daily News

"Both MAGIC TIME and THE DRESSER deal with Shakespearean actors, the tension before a performance and the almost unreasonable passion the theater evokes in its players."

- The News World

young man pointing a sword toward a woman while 3 other people look on
young man in a t-shirt embracing young woman in Shakespearian costume